Saturday Librarian: Grinding

Back in the summer, before I commenced work on the library, I was putting together my plan. A year one roadmap, if you will. I knew the work on the library would take a while, and after I made my case, I was told to go forth and clean my Augean stables.

I laughed at the time; I knew there was disarray, but I figured I could keep it interesting. To

So I’m basically Hercules in this scenario. Everything else is the library, but less smelly.

a certain extent, I have been able to do so, but we are rapidly reaching the point where I feel like I’m grinding. Grinding, in a video game context, refers to having to do the same thing over and over in an effort to gain a level/tool/experience/thing you want or need. And man, is that what this feels like. Needing to account for what I had accomplished and get a better idea of how long things might take, I took to each of my spreadsheets and slapped a few formulas in the bottom. Nothing spangly or flashy, just some Countifs, addition, division and a percentage at the bottom.

For context, I have one student tackling the two rooms at the top of the library, and I am fortunate that she like literature because that’s where it’s all housed– the Ps in Library of Congress Classification. I have one student handling the first floor of the library, running through philosophy and religion, the A and B sections of LCC. Everything, and I mean every other letter left over (23 for those keeping track), fall into The Stacks. And yes, it deserves it capitalization. The Stacks are cool, largely left alone, and chock full of interesting thing. Its also full of random not interesting things. Them’s the breaks, after all. I began my work on The Stacks this semester, having spent last semester getting us up and running and catching up on the check ins.

Here we are, rapidly approaching the half way point of semester 2 out of ? and we have made the following progress:

Ballroom and Newman Room: 2.7% complete

Scholars Lounge and Helm Room: 6.58% complete

The Stacks: 2.67% complete

Total completion: 3.8%

And now you know why I drink copious amounts of coffee. Feel free to send more my way. In the meantime, last weekend’s futurists have given way to the Middle Ages (not pictured, the intriguingly named “Life of a Medieval Baron”):