About the Warren Memorial Library

The Warren Memorial Library at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts was dedicated in the fall of 1990 to the memory of Louis Bancel Warren, a dear friend and patron of the College from its early days. Since then, the Louis B. Warren Memorial Library has been the center of the academic life of the College: the core course in humanities meets in the library every day; classes in natural science, literature, mathematics, writing, and the classical languages convene there regularly; the public lecture series, the film series, the annual summer program for high-school students, concerts, weekend colloquia, and occasional conferences for teachers and visiting students are held within its walls; numerous local political and educational groups enjoy its scholarly setting for their assemblies; and Catholic religious associations have made use of the rooms for retreats.

The library’s present collection includes over 40,000 volumes of books, and periodical holdings equivalent to about 7,500 volumes of more than 500 assorted titles.

The library is currently undergoing extensive cataloging and collection development work. This blog will document the challenges and triumphs of this process, as well as the establishment of Special Collections.

The Library has reestablished ILL through NHAIS. See the Library Policies page for the ILL policy. Please note ILL is not available between terms.

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