Saturday Librarian: Small victories

Small victories are important; they keep you going. Those into gamification might explain the little squirt of dopamine and the science behind the reward centers of the brain. Me, I like to see that progress bar go tick, tick, tick. The stacks are coming along, at a total of 775 records verified, which is nearly the total I was able to process over last semester. With good luck (and no flu relapses) I should beat that number handily.

The titular small victory, though, is not the pace of the shelf read. Rather, I have finished the review of all C books! If you’ve followed along on Instagram, the last few weeks have shown books dealing with futurist, history, heraldry, modern takes on history, and a smattering of philosophy of history.The C category of the Library of Congress encompasses “The Auxiliary Sciences of History.” Should you want to view the breakdown, the Library of Congress has the information available online.

Hopefully you enjoy history as much as I do, because we’re now moving into history proper in the form of the D section, which encompasses “World History and the History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.” The break down is also available online, in case you have a burning curiosity about who was relegated to “etc” Don’t expect to hear about the end of the D section for a while yet– there are at least 3775 records to verify, and books have an odd way of sneaking onto the shelves with call numbers and barcodes without ever creating a record.

I leave you today with some humorous history:

Well ok then #bookstagram #saturdaylibrarian #shelfread #collegethomasmore

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