Saturday Librarian: *coughing*

I have been remiss the last two weeks, leaving you all without my signature charm and wit. All I can say on that score is that I truly hope none of you caught the flu this year, because MAN is it a beast. I can’t say that I’m fully recovered even yet, but recovered enough to go about my business.

It was a bummer for me, not least because it overlapped with spring break for the students, which is a good time to get into the classrooms and get some shelving done. I had also hoped to snag a couple of cool poetry books to highlight for you on Thursdays this month, as it is National Poetry month. Alas and alack, we shall have to do with some Chesterton to kick us off this week (hardly a sacrifice) and I shall find some cool poetry volumes for the rest of the month.

Progress report time: losing two weeks does not do wonders for the numbers, but we are seeing steady progress in the stacks. A total of 685 books have been verified since we started working the stacks, for a respectable 4.13% in 9 working days (Saturdays only at this juncture.) Still have to pick up the pace to get the library where it needs to be, but we’re getting there!

This week’s interesting finds:


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