Saturday librarian: Slow and Steady

It is finally turning to spring here in New England, by which I mean one can go out with only 1-2 layers and a light coat, as opposed to being so bundled that only one’s eyes are visible. To be fair, it has been in the 50s the last few days and the trees are certainly budding; snowdrops are making their appearance on campus and the numerous ice cream stands that dot the roadside in New England are open for those willing to brave the occasional nippy breeze to take the stand that yes, this is spring! To be fair to me, I grew up in Southern California; this weather is most assuredly the heart of winter for one such as me.

Another perk of spring is that the stacks warm slightly, so that they are more of a cool cellar temperature as opposed to a meat locker. The temperature fluctuations in this part of the library are not as drastic as those sections of the building that are fully above ground, but none of it is good for the books. Nevertheless, they sit stalwart and keep the time until they are called upon. Perhaps the greatest temptation while working is to sit down and read awhile. As a politics major and a history geek, cataloging those sections of the library is a treat.

The shelf read continues apace; last week’s 2.67% completion has risen to 3.22%. Respectable for Saturdays? Certainly, but with the arrival of longer days I hope to put in more work to get that number increasing far more quickly.¬†Progress is progress, friends, small though the number may be.

The other bit of news is that we now have an Instagram account specifically for the Library: @alibraryforallseasons. Give us a follow if you’d like to follow along in picture form!


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