Saturday Librarian: Once more into the stacks, dear friends, once more!

Having caught up (mostly) on check-ins, I now turn my attention to the section of the library I will be shelf reading. I do like the stacks- they are always quiet, there is never a class held there and they stay cool in the summer. I also happen to love history and politics, which reside down in the stacks as well.

After 2 weekends, I have now completed… 2.5% Did I mention there are roughly 16500 volumes down there?  The layout of the library is such that all P call numbers are housed in the Ballroom and Newman Room. All A and B call numbers (with a handful of exceptions) reside in the Scholar’s lounge and Helm Room. Every other call number calls the stacks home. It’s comforting when you’re a student doing research; it’s daunting when you have to find all of them.

A handful of interesting finds and pictures:





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