Saturday Librarian: So much to do, so little time

A quick post for you today. The semester has begun and students have filtered back into the classrooms and the library. While there were certainly books that came in, I have managed to check them in and shelve them all and maintain a semblance of control on the shelving for another day!

The next few days will be spent preparing the spreadsheets for our renewed efforts in the shelf read/inventory process. Lest anyone fear, the spreadsheets are synced to four different back up sources as well as the working laptop, so that nothing will be lost should one (or more) systems go down. Having nearly lost my NaNoWriMo to a hard drive crash, I believe in more than one back up at all times!

The days continue to stay lighter longer here in New Hampshire, and with that comes a new energy to attack the pile of work. I only paused for a few moments to contemplate all the incoming books that wait patiently for our inventory to be complete. It is much like having a giant assortment of presents under the Christmas tree, but finding it is only September and there is a long way to go before you get to open your gifts. We shall soldier on nevertheless.

Look for a post next week on resources both local and digital to help with a fruitful Lent. At some point in the next few weeks, there will also be a weekly or biweekly feature starting up on the blog for the interesting and weird finds hidden on the shelves.


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