Saturday Librarian: Into the Breach

First, my apologies for the long time between updates. For about a week, we were afraid that the hard drive in my laptop had died, which puts quite the damper on any sort of digital activity, inclusive of blog entries and catalog updates. Thankfully, it appears the boot up issues I was experiencing (mainly, how it wasn’t booting up) were due more to the horrendous amount of garbage on the machine, so a clean install has so far *knock on wood* done the trick.

It was, however, certainly an issue last Saturday, so I had to find something productive to do with my campus time. You may recall some weeks ago when I glibly remarked that someday I would see my office and even be able to sit in the chair located there. Well, guess what? That day is now.

Boy was that office a mess. Again, I can’t hope to describe it. Observe:

Not stitched together for a true panorama, but surely gets the point across, no? It is worth mentioning that at this point I had already moved three book carts into the adjacent room, to be able to get behind the desk and survey my domain.

The day was about more than cleaning, though certainly there was enough of that. It was also about a cursory overview of the last section of donations thIMG_20151114_105456.jpgat I had not been through. One of the collections was a bequest, so there is little doubt we’ll have all of them on the shelves soon enough. As for the rest, there were certainly some interesting finds. The Chesterton was one, various older books abound as well. Something I have found in the handful of weeks I have spent so far is that we are blessed with a number of books with interesting covers or title pages. The books are older but often in good repair, which certainly makes them both a delight and feasible to keep in the collection.

Once the room was cleared and vacuumed, I had to test the computer. I had used it several years ago, and knew it worked at that point. What remained to be seen was whether it would still work and whether I would remember the password. Amazingly, I did.

Needless to say, there was an update or two to be made, but the machine itself works, and its fairly zippy for all that. The marvelous thing for me is that I can stack my books and bring them into the office to log and sort before shelving. Much easier than what I have been doing, which is standing in the foyer for several hours every week.

In a few days I’ll have more formal thoughts on where we stand as we approach the end of the semester, and how things look for the road ahead. I have a few ideas, and the library itself is always a source of inspiration. One cannot help being inspired when surrounded by that many thoughts.


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