They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of spending gallons of e-ink on trying to explain the volume of work ahead, it may be best to show you:

While I dearly love our current catalog:

Card Catalog

It makes turning this:

A work in progress

Into this:

Life in the Stacks

The AsMore As

Much harder. My assistant, John, has started on the A’s (seen here). But there is still work to do, not least because as orderly as the shelves look, the catalog was far less so. It has taken close to a month to wrangle the catalog into shape. That, of course takes away time from being able to sort and process the books patiently waiting:


and waiting…

More Incoming

and waiting…

Even more incoming

I consider us blessed by the great number of books that await us (my office has been overrun by them, though there is no picture for it. Someday I shall see my desk, I am sure of it.) There are clearly many who thought of us for books they no longer had space or need for, and for that I am grateful. Libraries everywhere struggle with cut budgets and making due with little, and to be so showered with gifts is a blessing. First, though, we must get the books we have back on the shelf. Books with great titles like this:


Even librarians take breaks though, and who can blame us when this is the view waiting just outside?

White House in Fall

Happy fall!


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